Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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0.1 - The Tower of Fable

The words of Amangon, last of the Great Hermetic Magi, leader of the Chantry of the Tower of Agena, ring out through the chantry as he disappears...


This I would have you remember...
That which seems most feeble in you holds the most strength,
That which seems bewildered yields the greatest determination,
The highest value lies within that which you most doubt.
For is it not your breath that has erected and hardened you bones?
Is it not but an unremembered dream that build the Tower, and fashioned all therein?
Could you but see the tides of that breath, you would cease to see all else,
If you could hear the whispering of the dream, you would hear no other sound.
But you do not see.
Nor do you hear.
The veil shall be lifted from your eyes by those who wield it,
The clay filling your ears shall be pierced by the fingers that kneaded it,
And then you shall see,
Then you shall hear, and
Nothing will be as it was."

The Magi of the Tower of Agena meet, not knowing it will be for the last time.

This will be Clandestyne 0.1

This session of the freeform campaign is set
before the events of the current game, previous to
Clandestyne 1.0. That's right... a game set in Sydney before
the coming of the Shadow.

All are welcome to play, but spaces will be limited.
The story will concentrate on Mages and other characters in Sydney at the time.
Others may play, as a one off, one of the many Sydney natives
who died before Clandestyne started.
Costumes are appreciated and may earn extra experience points.
A $3.00 fee is necessary to pay for photocopying.
Contact the organisers to find out more about who shall be attending.

Saturday 30 November 1996, 7:00PM
Sydney Park, St Peters

Public Transport:

Catch the train to St Peters station (Bankstown line) and the park is across the road or by bus, catch the 422 Tempe service and disembark at the end of King Street.

By Car:

The park is situated at the end of King Street, Newtown, the beginning of the Princes Highway. Free parking is available.

The convenors recommend that players turn up 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session (approx 6:45pm).