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There are a number of individuals who create any given game session. The constraints upon time, the fact that everything we do for Clandestyne is unpaid work, and the drive to produce better games more often means that most players do not really see who does what in Clandestyne.
To explain simply, we have a position called General Manager. The role of this person is complex, but it can be summed up as “to do everything - or delegate a task to someone who can do it !” The General Manager is helped by an Assistant, whose special role is “to increase public participation in the game”. Together, these two people direct and make long term decisions for the campaign.
Most of the production of a game is done by the Writers. These people - who take time out from their jobs, uni degrees, whatever - write the storyline that is the heart of a Clandestyne game.
There are other tasks involved in making a game session happen. There are always things that have to be done before the game. There are people who are Special Assistants, whose job is “to help do whatever needs doing” before a game. The tasks can range from photocopying, to prop preparation, to constructing and maintaining this web page !
Everyone that is involved in Clandestyne has the opportunity to write, and to talk with the players who play. Most of the people involved are Gamemasters at sessions. Since many of the people at Clandestyne were players first, they are still able to play their character at a session - so long as they have no involvement in the writing of that episode !
If you think you would like to be involved in Clandestyne, please contact one of the e-mail addresses below. If you wish to play, any of the Liasons can help you. If you have any enquiries about the nature of Clandestyne or it’s members, please direct your enquiry to our Assistant Manager. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon !
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