Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Game World

The Tower of Agena Chantry
Chantry of the Southern Hemisphere Mages
The Arcanum Chapter House
The Sydney Chapter of Arcanum International
The Daughters of Kail
A sect of individuals involved in the worship of the Hindu goddess Kali
The Nature of the Clandestyne Multiverse
The Multiverse is a huge conglomeration of realms, dimensions, timelines, and universes
Olympos -The Myth
From Chaos came the five Primordials, powerful precursors of creation
The Orphic Tower
The mysterious dark monolith
The Freehold of the Court of Regulus
Nearby the Caern of the Sept of the Stars is the Freehold of the Court of Regulus
The Technocracy
The united and secretive order seeking to wipe out the Nine Traditions
The Van de Graf Cabal
Nicholas Van de Graf is a famous industrialist in the world of Clandestyne
The Whisky-A-Go-Go Freehold
On the top of a hill some distance from the Court of Regulus can be found a faerie ring of mushrooms.