Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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1.1 - The Land is in Shadow

  Before, the city was quiet. Few supernatural beings survived the coming of the Shadow. Those few laid low, waiting for a better time. Some hide still, but a small number has come forth to meet the new arrivals to the shores of this land.

  These brave, perhaps foolhardy, maybe naive, but definitely disorganised group of foreigners have had their first gathering. It seems that not all were aware that the Faery court of Countess Cassia Incantrix (who may soon be deposed) has come to an arrangement with the Garou of the city to time share their sacred space, right down to the centre (which had no say in the matter !). Now, the court is in uproar. The leading ladies are at each others throats, the men are encouraging combat to the death, and the pooka thinks he is Merlin incarnate (not to mention the vampire who swears he's Lancelot and the drug dazed mage who says he is Arthur, well, that's what he saw in his vision man).

  A few others wonder what has happened to the rest of the Orphic Circle. Could they have become victims of the Shadow? After all it's killed the leaders of the Magi Chantry, an F.B.I. agent, and some local sprite. And just what the hell is the Orphic Circle anyway ?

The Game begins. The prelude is over.
A number of Kindred are on their way and they are not happy.
Can the Garou and the Fey get their differences settled in time.

This will be Clandestyne 1.1

This will be the first session of the Freeform campaign.
All are welcome to participate, and you don't need to have played the prelude session.
You may play a character of your own design, using storyteller riles
(Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, Changeling etc.)
Please submit it to the conveners as soon as possible for approval.
Or we can provide a character, with your preferences in mind,
if designing one of your own is a problem.
A fee of $3.00 is necessary to pay for our photocopying.
Costume is not compulsory, but will be greatly appreciated by all.

Saturday 13 April 1996, 7:00PM
Sydney Park, St Peters

Public Transport:

Catch the train to St Peters station (Bankstown line) and the park is across the road or by bus, catch the 422 Tempe service and disembark at the end of King Street.

By Car:

The park is situated at the end of King Street, Newtown, the beginning of the Princes Highway. Free parking is available.