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You have received an invitation from the renegade mage, Chun Dao Shen:

You are hereby invited to an evening of 'Mortal Combat'. Do you dare to throw down the gauntlet and meet the challenge to prove your physical prowess?
Will the anonymous sponsors emerge from their backroom deals and show their faces as their 'merchandise' proves its worth?
Will you be there to see who wins and loses, and at what cost?
The rewards are worth the risk - if you dare.

Trial by combat commences 7pm
Saturday 9th November 1996
573 King Street Newtown

The challenge has been heralded, and is reverberating through the umbera. Many seek to avenge past wrongs, but who is willing to oppose Chum on his own ground? And will the underworld factions cease squabbling long enough to stop the pretender from usurping any more of their territory?

This session is open to everyone, but is of particular interest to those who wish to be part of the combat. A prize is offered to the winner of Bloodsports. Combatants, mobsters, gamblers, powerbrokers, and anyone with a grudge against Chun are welcome. A charge of $3 applies to cover our printing and other costs. Costumes not compulsory, but are worth experience points.

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