Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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4.1 - Olympos

Long ago, those who were the gods departed this realm for a place of peace - Olympos, the City of White Pillars. With them went the shards of reality that gave them substance, and so all that remains is legends of their glory. Severed from the gods, mankind plunged into an age of ignorance.

Now chaos threatens the world. Apocalypse, the Great Ending, looms near. The Powers on Earth are now in panic. But some remember the legends before the fall. Olympus, the world apart, has become a sanctuary for those who seek refuge from the coming troubles.

Little do they realize that much in Olympos has changed in the past two thousand years. The travellers - the Breed, those of the Blood, the Seerkind - have assembled at the border between here and now. Soon their journey will begin.

This will be Clandestyne 4.1

A two session 100+ player freeform.
Using a modified Storyteller system.
You do not need to have played a Clandestyne game before.
Previous players can play their campaign characters.
All are welcome to participate.
Costume is not compulsory unless you like to dress up.

14 December 1996
Macquarie University

Please note that this freeform will run sessions 7 and 8 only (Saturday night).

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