Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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6.2 - Revelation

"Your ways are like the ways of those who have gone before you. They were mightier than you, emboldened with more power. Like them, you have enjoyed you earthly lot, and like them, you have engaged in idle talk. But vain were their works in this life, and vain all you do shall be in life to come. The ignorant will surely be losers. Have you not heard the histories of those who have gone before you ? The fate of Cain's people and of the Thamud and Garou; of Kithain and the people of Midian and the Ruined Cities ? Their apostles showed them veritable signs. We have not wronged them, they have wronged themselves. The time is now"
end transmission.

This will be Clandestyne 6.2

It is being held at the Tower of Agena Chantery, so anyone the magi let in is welcome to attend.
If you do not already have a character, or wish a new one for this session, you may create one and submit it to us for approval. Or we can supply a character for you based upon your preferences. Clandestyne is a freeform of contemporary fantasy based upon the Storyteller roleplaying games (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, Changeling, etc)
Costumes are not required but will get you XP!

Saturday 9 August, 7:00pm
Sydney Park, St Peters

Public Transport:

Catch the train to St Peters station (Bankstown line) and the park is across the road or by bus, catch the 422 Tempe service and disembark at the end of King Street.

By Car:

The park is situated at the end of King Street, Newtown, the beginning of the Princes Highway. Free parking is available.

The convenors recommend that players turn up 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session (approx 6:45pm). Campaign players may spend their experience points after the end of the session or before the session if they contact the convenors.