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8.1 - Intervention: First Contact (DragonTalk Info)

If You Are A New Player
Clandestyne is an ongoing freeform campaign; this means that some people are playing characters from previous games, and may have played for up to two years. Don't worry - new players will not be disadvantaged by this. We have created interesting and important characters for the Macquariecon game. Ask a Clandestyne organiser at registration (or at other times during the con, if you can find us!) and we'll be glad to help you.

If You Are An Old Player
A lot of work has gone into writing this game. There are ongoing storylines from over a year ago which come to a climax at this event, and many mysteries may be revealed. The Macquariecon game will resolve old storylines and lead into the events of the new year. At the time of writing, the date for the next Clandestyne event has not yet been set, but is likely to be in early February. Ask us for more details.

What Has Gone Before
The following is an abbreviated history of the last year of Clandestyne:

Whilst the supernatural population of Sydney was in Olympos, the realm of the gods, a cabal of vampires (mostly Followers of Set) invaded the city and took over most of the criminal underworld. When the former masters of evil returned, there was a brief but bloody conflict between the two groups, followed by an uneasy detente. Antony Di Rotorto became Prince, as the former Prince Chant had started to mutate into a strange new form - perhaps due to an encounter with Delirium.

Sometime after this, those who were close to the gods felt a sudden emptyness as those gods vanished; worshippers of Gaia realised that she had been wounded and lay in a coma. With great effort, Gaia was reawakened, but as a changed being; the goddess seemed crueler, and embraced all three of her aspects: maiden, Mother, and Crone. As this was happening, an otherwordly entity named Hapexamendios opened a rift between Earth and a dimension of nothingness called the In Ovo; only by the sacrifice of the witch Morgana was the rift closed.

The fae duchess Nimue Clandestyne went into voluntary exile rather than face an increasingly rebellious court. After she left, the anarchist Joey Stardust stole the Balefire of the freehold, somehow bonding with it; he went quickly insane, generating powerful creatures of nightmare such as the Empress and the Corinthian, before burning himself to death (with the assistance of the now Unseelie court). A new, republican freehold was established on the ashes of Stardust, and the Speaking Throne of the old freehold stolen. But it wasn't long before the throne went missing again, removed by a dragon. A group of werewolves eventually located and obtained the throne.

The mages of Agena finally succeeded in returning Master Phoenix to the living, although he was much changed. Once a venerable Akashic master, he now appeared to be a young Tibetan boy. Death appeared to Phoenix, offering him some kind of deal, which he accepted. It was discovered by the Daughters of Kali and the Orphic Circle that the entity Hapexamendios had banished the gods to the In Ovo, where they drifted in some kind of coma. Very few gods had escaped, among them Gaia, Nemesis, and Odin (who had sold his divinity to a mortal). The world was at the mercy of powerful beings like the Endless, vampiric demigods like Dracula and Set, and strange alien beings.

During the middle of winter, a small number of supernatural beings dreamt of an apocalyptic future, where magick had been destroyed by some kind of Affliction, and aliens abducted psychic children. When they woke, most passed it off as just a dream, but a few remembered that the affliction was to start at the end of 1997. It was suspected that the Shadow had something to do with it, or was that the Scourge?

Gaia gifted her chosen with the opportunity to build a Tower of their own, using a shard of moonstone as the foundation. The werewolves conducted the appropriate rituals to allow the Moonstone to grow into a shining Tower in the umbra, but the final ritual was not completed as a member of the seerkind refused to cooperate. The Tower remained unfinished.

Shortly after this, part of a mystical Seerkind artifact, a carpet called the Weave, started to unravel, and the landscape around the court and the Tower of the Moon was transformed into a mysterious orchard. Strange creatures roamed through the treetops, and the site became a source of strage energies. The orchard continued to grow, albeit slowly.

The mages of the Tower of Agena were worried about strangers being able to enter their Tower too easily, and were talking to some Alfar (Norse spirits) about acting as guardians. Unbeknownst to the mages, the Gatekeeper of the Tower, Mirov Balthazar, had made a deal with the secretive Orphic Circle to gather more souls; he would allow anybody into the Tower if they first signed his Book. But whoever signed the Book unknowingly signed their souls to the Orphic Circle. Upon learning that the mages were hiring new guards, Mirov locked himself into the second level of the Tower and would not allow anyone access until the Orphic Circle came to rescue him. The Tower was soon filled with people, trying to get the Book, or trying to get Mirov, or trying to get into the rest of the Tower. The Orphic Circle seemed to have gained the ability to teleport, and were entering the Tower that way; spirits of the dead also gained access unstopped. The mages were quite upset, and sent a group of Alfar through another world to try and reenter the Tower from above. They were successful in doing so, and Mirov Balthazar revealed himself to be an alien monster before being killed and the Book destroyed. When the Orphic Circle tried to escape, they were unexpectedly teleported into an entirely different dimension.

The Orphic Circle returned from wherever it was that they had been, and the evil vampiric crimelords attempted to collect the body parts of the dead Nightbreed god Baphomet, so that they might return him to life. This brought them into conflict with some of the werewolves, who murdered a blood-slave of the elder vampire Malice; and with the mortal Frank Black, whose family the vampires off-handedly slaughtered. Jonathon Ripple, a mad vampire, also claimed to have fought off a time-travelling alien invasion whilst no-one was looking.

Meanwhile, the magical orchard of the Weave grew even larger, and strange gnome and nymph beings started warring within it. Most of the Seerkind had vanished with a woman calling herself Jadis, the Empress, and did not return. The cat goddess Harmony appeared, and gave birth to cubs of possibly divine nature.

The Shadow, a spiritual entity of destruction, has been killing people for over two years now. A group of technowizards called the Cognitive Engineers discovered the truth about the Shadow, and tried to make a deal with the occultist mages of the Tower of Agena; they wished to combine forces and defeat this threat to the entire world. They also proposed a One Reality Convention to be held in a year's time to sort out their differences. But the mages were uneasy with that suggestion, and decided to delay a decision. They put the Cognitive Engineers on hold, while the mages searched through the recently rediscovered Library of the Tower and tried to deal with their troublesome servants. By the time that they returned, the Cognitive Engineers had hung up. The threat of the Shadow had not been resolved...

13 December 1997
Macquarie University

Please note that this freeform will run sessions 7 and 8 only (Saturday night).