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10.1 - Clandestyne by Gaslight (Handbook Info)

The World of Clandestyne in 1899

The Peace Conference of 1899 is being held at the Hague (a city in the Netherlands) at the bequest of Czar Nicholas of Russia, to discuss the importance of new technological weapons - such as poison gas or expanding bullets - on the "laws of war". Beginning in May and ending in July, representatives from every state in Europe, as well as the United States and Mexico, are meeting to determine what the "laws of war" should be, and perhaps set up an international court of law. In addition, most of the delegates have brought other officials with them; there may be journalists, curious nobles, or others with business in the Hague present.

On the supernatural front, it is a time of change. The Industrial Revolution is well and truly underway, with scientific discoveries revealing old beliefs to be false; scientific Unbelief fights with occult Mysticism. Some supernatural races, such as the Nightbreed and Seerkind, are rapidly vanishing from the world. On the other hand, occultism has become very popular amongst mortals; many have joined spiritualist circles or societies such as the Masons and the Hermetic Order of the Rising Day. Recently, rumours have spread about a group called the Prieure de Sion, who are said to hold secrets that could topple the Masons, the Vatican, and others...

Great Britain was at its height at this time, and the British Empire is one on which the sun never sets. The Empire's long-time rivals, Germany and France, look upon her colonies with envy: though the royal families of England, Germany, and Russia are related, even cousins may fall out. At home, interest in the occult has reached a new high. From "respectable" academic pursuits such as Egyptology, Atlantology, and the Arcanum Society; to spiritualism, Neo-Druidism, and the Hermetic Order of the Rising day; ancient mysteries enjoy considerable popularity. The monarch of Great Britain is Queen Victoria, who has reigned since 1837 and is very popular; the Prime Minister is the Marquis of Salisbury, leader of the Conservatives.

The German states were recently unified by Bismark, who in fact died earlier this year. Germany is on the road to progress, with Count von Zeppelin working on his first airship and Sigmund Freud developing psychoanalysis. The monarch of Germany is Kaiser Wilhelm II. Austria-Hungary is suffering from tensions with the Ottoman Empire, Italy, and the Balkan states (such as Serbia and Latveria). In fact, Empress Elizabeth of Austria was assassinated by an Italian anarchist in Geneva last year.

France has entered the Third Republic, leaving the years of Napoleon and the Bourbon Dynasty behind; unfortunately, President Faure died of a stroke on February 16th whilst in a tryst with the wife of a painter, Steinheil. Marie and Pierre Curie have just discovered the first radioactive element, Radium.

America is growing in prominence. Though still preoccupied with exploitation of the Wild West, success in the American-Spanish War in 1898 has gained America control of many Pacific islands and a sense of international responsibility. Most of America is civilised, although dark cults are rumoured to exist in the South, and the last of the Indian wars are just recently over. Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Pepsi-Cola are all commercially available; as is heroin, as a cough suppressant.

This will be Clandestyne 10.1

This is a single-session game of the Clandestyne Freeform Campaign. You don't need to have played before to enjoy the game. Clandestyne 10.1 is set at the peace conference at the Hague in 1899; if you have a character who might have been able to attend, then you should contact us for more details; otherwase, we will provide a character for you.

10th April, Easter 1998
University of NSW

Please note that this freeform will run sessions 2 only (Friday night).

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