Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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alpha - Dreaming of a Better World

" All the triumph
The tragedy
Of each yesteryear
Seems somehow to stay, forever quite near.
This is the Dreaming.

Will dawn.
A tomorrow that's clear,
A tomorrow that is not shadowed by fear.
This is the Dreaming."

Terrible things happen the other side of the Gauntlet... things which are not of this world. But as with all spiritual things there is a synchronicity - sometimes the real world is affected too. Places of power, places where mystical beings gather and meet, places where the Gauntlet is weak are the most vulnerable. Sydney Park, Sydney, Australia is one such place. Something terrible is about to happen.

The storyteller begins.. "Only a few dare to cross the barrier between worlds, but sometimes there is no choice - then the difficulty is getting back. This is the story of one such small group, and their adventures both in and out of the mystical Umbra."

Travels beyond your wildest dreams await...

This will be Clandestyne alpha

A One Session introduction to the World of Clandestyne for Teams of Five. Using a modified Storyteller System. No rules knowledge necessary. This is not a freeform.

All are welcome to participate, you don't need to have played before. Previous players may be able to play existing characters in teams of 4 to 7, please contact the organisers as soon as possible for approval. Costume is not often worn in team games (but we won't stop you).

Queen's Brithday long weekend,
7th, 8th, 9th June 1997
Canterbury Girls High School

History of the World of Clandestyne, 2010 AD