Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - The Tower of Fable

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Giulietta The Dreamspeaker Meriani (an incarnation of the Lady of the Lake) and the Hermetic mage Kareem found the sword Excalibur at the shores of a lake and retrieved it then went to the Tower of Agena.
The Head of the Tower of Agena, Amangon of the Order of Hermes, held a meeting at the Chantry before the masters and students left for their summer sabbatical. Also attending was Githiliad the Head of Security and Alystra Stareyes, who possessed an artefact of the goddess - the Lunula.
The Black Magician leader of the Orphic Circle, Rohan Zacharias, soothsaid a vision of a darkness in the future. There was no chance to tell anyone though, as a cabal of Orphic Circle members plotted to have him killed. They planned to poison him, and the accountant le Guern fixed the financial records to indicate that Zacharias had been extorting millions from various underworld groups, but it proved more expedient to simply shoot him, rather than wait for Caroline Thorpe (the crime boss of Sydney) and the Giovanni family to act.
The criminal element of the city met to discuss the damage being done to their operations by the war between the vampires. One of the undead, Josef Brask, was charged by the Justicar Appollonius Michaels to find out more about the situation, and to investigate one Marcello Giovanni, who had just entered the country. However, Brask was present at an illusionist show performed by Phantasma, who used a magical mirror stolen from Githiliad to summon Vlad Tepes from Hell, and underwent vampiric possession, and so the Dracul Brask was forced to obey his Dark Master. Fortunately, the mirror was smashed, and the possession dispelled. Phantasma did continue her show.
Excalibur was given to Zev Shabin, who believed himself Arthur. This was seen by Morgana. She asks Githiliad to get it for her - he complied. When it was stolen from her, she recovered it, only to have it stolen again. Meriani and Zev went to Githiliad, and asked him to hide something for them. He agreed, and they unwittingly sent Excalibur to another world - Githiliad's world, Mordant.
The Tower of Agena masters heard news from the Philippines of an dangerous entity. They gathered at the Tower to summon, bind, observe and destroy it. It was summoned, and bound by a circle of the masters and one apprentice - Kitai. Somehow the being, later called the Shadow escaped, and began killing the supernatural beings of Sydney. Those who were nearby, warned by the fleeing Custos of the chantry realised a chance to escape - either travelling to other worlds, vanishing into the timestream, or fleeing the continent for a few months - all those who knew nothing were hunted down and killed by the Shadow.