Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Players' Guide

The guidelines presented here will help you play the freeform. The convenors are always available to explain anything that you need to know.
  • You will have a character to play every session. Your character is detailed in the Character Pack:- an A4 plastic sleeve containing many sheets of paper. Other characters are played by other players. If a character is not being played at this session, then their name will be on the “Not Appearing at this Session” list. This list will be at the Registration desk.

  • When you arrive at the game site, look for the Registration area. It will be in the centre of the game area. At the Registration desk you will find a few Convenors. Go and talk to them.

  • At Registration you will be asked to pay $3. This is to pay for our photocopying, prizes, transport, phone bill, etc. You cannot play if you do not pay. If you have no money with you, then talk to the Convenors who will help you (by suggesting you loan off someone playing here this session !).

  • After paying, you will receive a name badge, your updated character pack, and any other important thing you might need to play. If there is any problem or important info you need, then you will be directed to a Convenor who will assist you. Otherwise, you will be sent to the XP desk.

  • At the XP desk, you have the opportunity to spend your experience points, which are distributed to the characters before the beginning of each session. You do not have to spend XP points, but you should go to the XP desk. The convenor here can give you supplemental pages for your character, which are worth XP if they are completed.

  • After visiting the XP desk, you should go to your starting area. Every character in Clandestyne belongs to some group or another, and your start area is written on the “This Session is” page, which should be at the front of your character pack. Finding your starting area may be hard if you haven’t played Clandestyne before. There will be a Convenor who can direct you to your start area.

  • Once you are at your start area, the game has begun as far as your character is concerned. You can now interact and play the game with the other characters present. Eventually, everyone in your start area will arrive. Note well : there will be very few Gamemasters available during the first 30 mins of the game. This is because most of them are too busy acting as Convenors at the beginning. Please be patient, there will be more Gamemasters available after the first thirty minutes.
There are a few rules of play that everyone must abide by.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not welcome at the game. Players who like a drink should wait till after the session. There are minors here, and it is not acceptable to most parents for us to convene an event where they will be exposed to all sorts of sad and pathetic sodden roleplayers.

  • Forcefully touching anyone is an assault not roleplaying. Please resist whatever strange urges force you to express yourself in a direct physical manner at another player. They probably won’t welcome it! We don’t! If there is any problem, we will intervene.
Thank you for reading this players guide. Enjoy yourself, and be welcome.