Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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The Alfar

Since ancient times, there have been a number of beings who live in the uppermost regions of the northern hemisphere. They have, for most of human history, been left alone and unnoticed. This race is called the Alfar.
The Alfar are spirit beings, able to take many different forms, through the mystic art of Fyljur. They are not originally from this realm; their own world is called Yggdrassil. Their homeland is Alfheim, and is reachable only with great magic. Alfar came to earth for many reasons. Some were summoned, others came to plunder this world, and some came simply to live in a much safer and more peaceful world. The Alfar call this world Midgard.
The Alfar of modern times have forgotten most of their lore. They know they originate from Yggdrassil, and they are supernatural, but what other knowledge they can find remains hidden in ancient texts and runes. Most Alfar have embraced life on earth in some way or another. Some of the folk have simply lived forever in one place and remained true to their heritage. Most Alfar have immersed themselves into the societies of Midgard.