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“Changeling” is the name given to the various races of a faerie-kind, who have been re-entering the mortal world after the development of human civilisation drove them elsewhere. There are four basic forms of changeling that are most populous in the world today:
Kithian: creatures of imagination and creativity, who are thought to be the offspring of the entity called Dream.
Seerkind: magical beings who live for the most part in a realm called the Weave.

nature spirits who were driven into the Otherworlds by destruction of the environment and the loss of ancient traditions.


beings of high Art, who come to the mortal world from the Dreaming through the acts of the Artists.

Other races of Changelings are said to exist, but they are rare and little is known about them. Many are not acknowledged parts of the Faerie Court.
The Faerie Court is a world-wide political structure created for the mutual support and protection of all faerie-kind. It was constructed in the 1970s (when Seerkind finally re-entered the world) along feudal lines, with a High King of Fae residing in the Silver Palace, and lesser monarchs in other continents. A disproportionate number of these positions are filled by Kithian, who are often accused of nepotism and arrogance, especially by the Seerkind. However the Kithian aren’t likely to step down soon, as they have lived in the mortal world longest - indeed, some never left.
Changeling Terminology
The worlds “Changeling”, “Glamour”, and “Banality”, are three general terms used to describe what are different things for each faerie race. These terms were popularised a few years ago by a popular but controversial roleplaying game produced by some mortals in California; many believe the game to be a satire of Kithain society produced by the Seerkind - it is too accurate ! Nevertheless, these terms have caught on. Their meanings, and more traditional terms for each race are shown below:
Changeling - (the races of the Fae) - Faerie-kind, the Wyldfolk
Glamour - (spiritual entity of the Fae) - Dream (Kithian), Sen’fer’sa (Quin’on’a), Fugue (Seerkind)
Banality - (Fae-crushing force) - The Ravaging (Quin’on’a), Madness (Seerkind), Ennui (Kithain)
Mortals - Dreamers (Kithian), Herok’a (Quin’on’a), Cuckoos (Seerkind)
What Faeries Look Like:
Kithian - possess a mortal body, which has a chimerical aspect only visible to faeries, enchanted mortals and strange beings.
Seerkind - basically humanoid in appearance, although unusual variations in body or features exist, which are visible to anyone.
Quin’on’a - Native American in appearance, sometimes with horns or oddly coloured eyes.
Numena - Appearance varies, but normally humanoid.
Numena are from the novel “Memory and Dream - Charles de Lint”
Seerkind are from the novel “Weaveworld - Clive Barker”
Quin’on’a are from the novel “Moonheart - Charles de lint”
references to Dream are from “Sandman - DC Comics”
All references are for game use.
We recommend reading any of these good books.