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Garou are werewolves. That is, they are beings who can assume the shape of human, wolf, or even something in between.
There are three breeds:
Lupus - those born as a wolf,
Homid - those born as a human,
Metis - those born from garou parents, and thus sterile and deformed.
The moon affects almost all garou. Most species of werewolf are mystically related to Luna. Only the Red Talons and Glass Walkers are immune to its effects (they instead have age ratings which correspond to the auspices). When a Garou is born, the moon’s phase will have a dramatic affect upon the newborns’ personality. Like a human star sign, these “auspices” are indicators as to the type of garou the newborn will be.

A werewolf's Auspice is very much like her "star sign"; it describes the kind of personality that she may have, as well as her role in Garou society.
There are five auspices:
Ragabash - the Trickster
Theurge - the Seer
Philodox - the Mediator
Galliard - the Dancer
Ahroun - the Warrior
All Garou can shapechange.
There are five stages (includes stat changes):
Homid - fully human. The Garou looks just like an ordinary human.
Glabro - mostly human, (+2Str & Sta, -1Man & App) The Garou is a very large and dangerous looking human, with a lot of hair and fangs.
Crinos - half wolf, half human (+4Str, +3Sta, +1Dex, -3Man, App is 0). The Garou is a giant humanoid, with a wolf like head, big jaws and claws, and hair all over.
Hispo - mostly wolf (+3Str & Sta, +2Dex, -3Man) The Garou looks like a very large wolf, with a slightly ape like face and able to stand on its hind legs.
Lupus - fully wolf (+1Str, +2Sta & Dex, -3Man). The Garou looks like an ordinary wolf.
There are two unique ratings which are
used by Garou - Rage and Gnosis.
Rage represents the animal instinct within a Garou. Points of rage are used to change shape, to increase physical stats, to move quickly, and to stay alert in dangerous stuations.
Gnosis represents the link a Garou has to the earth and to nature. Points of Gnosis are used for spiritual gifts, special abilities, and to travel or commune.
Werewolves of all types recognise that they are similar, much the same way that human realise they are in comparison to apes. All werewolves belong to Garou society. A werewolf’s standing in this society is determined by their individual honour, glory, and wisdom. These three ratings combine to form a Rank. The many cultured Garou world has a unified system of Rank and Standing. A Chief of one tribe is recognised as a Chief no matter where she goes.
Garou tend to congregrate into small groups, known as Pack. When different packs agree to live together, they are called a Sept. A Sept of Garou will usually select a place to reside, and this place is called the Caern.