Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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The way of the Quin’on’a

Of the many spiritual beings that exist within the Otherworld, the Quin’on’a live in the closest empathy with Manitou, Father Sky; and Gaia, Mother Earth. The Quin’on’a are spirits of the wild, a secretive kind who are connected to Nature and the Way.
The Way is a path of life, that takes a being through spiritual growth and his or her relationships with the world and those who live in it, changing those relationships forever. The Way is about improving yourself, and developing your Taw, which is the source of all mystic strength.
The Taw of people, is the innermost self of the shaman or spirit. Magicians describe it as a Something-In-Nothing, or a Movement-In-Silence, from which great powers can be derived, although the true shaman regards them as incidental. Such an individual is A’wa’rathe, He who Walks with Bears, who possesses great Taw, but few powerful magicks. Taw is its own reward.
Those with Taw can offer travel the spiritual Otherworld, which extends inwards, like layers of an onion, forever going inward until it reaches the Summer Country, the source of all magick. Each layer is a separate realm, which is separated by the others by space and time. Leaving the Otherworld from different layer to that which you entered by will leave you in a different time.
There is also the Place of Dreaming Thunder, the place of dead spirits. However, recently the Place of Dreaming Thunder has been corrupted by the Mal’ek’a, a Shadow which threatens to destroy all. What is to be done about Mal’ek’a is still uncertain.
The name Quin’on’a means “Those who walk with Spirits”, or “Spiritwalkers”. Changeling Quin’on’a usually are called Nunnehi, Garou are called Uktena, and Magi are called Dreamspeakers.