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There are two types of changeling as far as we know :
  • Those who remember the Fugue (who are called the Seerkind);
  • Those who have forgotten or never knew it (who are called faeries, fae, changelings, or whatever).
The Fugue is the Dreaming, the source of all Magic. Seerkind Magic requires Glamour, which is a unique energy. Without Glamour, a Seerkind is at risk of becoming human and ordinary (a state they call Cuckoo). If the Seerkind is exposed to the banality of the human world they are overcome with madness. Humans of the Earthly Dominion, who have no Seerkind Glamour, are also called Cuckoos. It is the best term to describe how mad humans really are.
Seerkind are no longer present in this world. They are hiding in the Fugue. There, the Seerkind have magically placed all the wonderful places and things that they could save from destruction by a powerful entity known as the Scourge. This monster ravages and consumes magic, and seeks to eradicate all Seerkind.
To a mortal, the Fugue appears a large Persian rug, inlaid with intricate designs. To a Seerkind, it makes itself known. Magically encrypted in the rug is the entire world of the Seerkind. The Fugue is a resting place. Inside, most of the Seerkind are alive, in suspended animation. It is home to almost all of the Four families.
The four distinct family bloodlines of Seerkind are :
  Lo their magic requires physical movement.
Aia their magic requires music and sound.

their magic requires words and symbols.

Ye-Me the weavers, whose magic is to reshape reality.
Seerkind perform magics. It’s what make them different to Humanity. Seerkind call their acts of magic Raptures. Seerkind blood can also run in the veins of other than Changeling kind. When a Seerkind breeds with any other, part of their Rapturous magic travels into the soul of the newborn. The Fianna tribe of the Garou race are descended from Seerkind, and the Verbena Covens are often full of Magi who have a Seerkind in the family tree somewhere.
Of the other races, the Seerkind know this:
Vampires are the children of Lilith, a she-demon and ancient enemy of the Seerkind.
Werewolves are descendants of a tribe of men who were cursed with lycanthropy and servitude to the Goddess after destroying the worhsippers of Cybele (the Luna).
Wraiths are ghosts, the soul remains of humans who will not go wherever they are supposed to go. These spirits of the dead are proof that even the Cuckoos have magic.
Kithain are changelings, Seerkind who remained behind in the land of the Cuckoos and thus have lost their memory of the Fugue. Kithain seem obssessed with their own internal politics and petty squabbles.
Alfar are an ancient folk who resided in the cold North. They may be related to us, but now are fae who are tied to the earth and revere things like gold and weapons that mean nothing to Seerkind.