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Nightbreed and Sleepwalkers

Not all of those that walk in the darkness are of a kind to each other. Although those who claim descent from Caine or Lilith are perhaps most numerous in this world, other creatures strange and mysterious lurk in the shadows of this, and perhaps other worlds.
Of the two concepts given below, the Nightbreed are in many ways similar to the World of Darkness´ Camarilla, although they are less formalised, and have less influence on mortal society. The Sleepwalkers, however, are a more extreme departure from other vampiric creatures that you may be familiar with.
Children of a Divided God
There are some who view vampirism as damnation, as a curse from God. But in the protective shade of Midian, dwell another breed of creatures, those who consider themselves to have been gifted and raised above their merely human origins. These creatures are Nightbreed, the Children of the Divided God, Baphomet. The Breed hid themselves in their subterranean city for many centuries, for the kiss of the sun and the hatred of humanity have often destroyed the Children of Baphomet in the past. When Midian was discovered by humans and destroyed, the Breed fled, spreading across the world, and carrying parts of their God with them.
The very body of Baphomet, once sustained in a pillar of flame within Midian´s deepest chambers, has now been divided and the pieces spread across the world.
The Nightbreed now gather together for protection and solace. Though the Balm of Baphomet runs in their veins, such power cannot always protect one of the Breed from their enemies. Therefore, the laws of their kind ask that the Nightbreed always be concealed from humanity, and that one must always aid another of the Breed in distress.
Nightbreed laws demand that they remain hidden, and rarely share the Balm with a human. They hunger for the flesh of humans, though, and many are willing to feed this hunger, considering humanity to be a lesser, though dangerous, race. The sun is the enemy of all the Breed, for it weakens and wounds them; apart from such harm, Breed may suffer great harm without dying, and they do not age. Some Breed, the newly-created and those who feel most human, can stand the sun for some time, but the majority await the day when Baphomet will return, and a Black Sun rise in the sky. Then shall the Nightbreed rule the Earth. Until this time, the Breed work towards the creation of a New Midian, and the gathering of the body of Baphomet.
The Sleepwalkers
Across the globe, there is a race of ancients that live amongst humanity. They walk in the sun´s light, and live their mortal lives, but they never remain in one place for too long, always moving on, becoming a new person, and leaving the past behind. These are the Sleepwalkers, creatures that feed upon the soul-energies of the naive and trusting, leaving shattered lives behind.
Sleepwalkers appear to be human, and are usually extremely attractive. However, this form is a disguise; their true form resembles a bestial, almost feline creature, with powerful frames and hard, tearing teeth. When weakened, shocked, or seriously wounded, these features come to the surface. Without their power over form and illusion the last Sleepwalker would have been slain long ago. Even so, their numbers are small, and they never travel in significant numbers, with individuals or small family groups being most common. Indeed, some spend their entire lives searching for others of their kind, each fearing that they are the last, and despairing of ever finding somewhere to belong. Sleepwalkers are a dying race, and it is impossible to know how many remain.
These creatures can be inhumanly strong and fast, with supernatural command over their bodies and the perceptions of others - they can change their appearance, disappear from sight or even cover objects and people with illusion. However, Sleepwalkers have one great weakness, one ancestral enemy whose vigilance never ceases, who´s been a companion of humanity since earliest Egypt, the enigmatic Cat.
Wherever they travel, Sleepwalkers attract the attention of cats, which gather at the lair of the creatures and watch them with feline distaste. Sleepwalkers hate felines, and will have them killed if at all possible. This can be risky, though; Sleepwalkers are supernaturally vulnerable to cats, and are easily destroyed if attacked by them. A dying Sleepwalker takes on her true appearance and loses control over illusions (thus cannot hide themselves); they can be healed by channelling the stolen life-energies of humans, but wounds inflicted by felines cannot be healed easily, for they poison the creature.
The Sleepwalker is a tragic figure, alone in a world which would destroy her for being what she is, and forever watched by an old enemy which lives amongst the humans and in the wilds of every land of the earth. Yet the Sleepwalker is also an inhuman monster. Sleepwalkers thrill to the seduction of the humans which they destroy, and many develop certain "tastes" - virgins, attractive men, children. The Sleepwalker is a mysterious being - always living among humanity, but without knowledge of what they are, or where they come from. It is this air of mystery which attracts so many of their victims. Finally, the Sleepwalker is a sexual creature, beautiful in appearance, but also represents violation of the worst kind - the stealing away of life and happiness.
For More Information:
Cabal - a novel by Clive Barker; introduces the Nightbreed and the fall of Midian
Stephen King´s Sleepwalkers - an original movie, widely available on video.