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The Tower of Agena Chantry

The Tower of Agena is a Chantry that welcomes all the Magi of the Southern Hemisphere. It is named after the star Agena (a.k.a Beta Centauri). Agena lies in the right foreleg of the Centaur constellation and is only visible in the southern hemisphere. All of the Chantry members wear a band of otherworldly metal which is supposed to originate from somewhere in the Beta Centauri solar system. The Bands of Agena are also magical luck charms, imbued with the spirit of Agena. (They often help with social rolls when dealing with sleepers !)

The main building itself has been destroyed by the Shadow. No one is certain what remains of the entire network that the Chantry built.
What is a Chantry ?
It is a mystical dwelling, a spiritual structure with earthly aspects. Here mages and their servitors can meet or reside, to study magic, to experiment, to hide. Agena was particularly known as a refuge for mages of any Tradition or creed. The Chief Magus, Amangon, was (is ?) the Chairman of the Council of Traditions.
The Tower of Agena chantry had separated itself into several divisions.
At the utmost level was Amangon, Chief Magus.
Answering only to him was the Three.
Alystra Stareyes (the foremost Dreamspeaker mage),
Phoenix (the foremost Akashic Brotherhood mage),
and Githaliad (the foremost Verbena mage).
Each of these magi headed a Cabal.
What is a Cabal ?
It is a group inside a chantry who follow a specific agenda or fulfil a specific role. Sort of like a military unit, or a political party, or even a hobby club.
What was happening in the Chantry recently ?
A small number of things.
  1. The Tower of Agena has always been classified as a exploration chantry. That is, it has been particularly devoted to researching unexplored territory and fields. The Dreamspeakers have often roamed the strange Umbral landscape of Australis. The common long term goal of all the powerful magi was to harness a source of magical power, then exploit it to allow the Chantry to have access to Agena.

  2. The Akashic Brotherhood , normally guards and monitors of the what’s going down in the real world, have been attempting to place as much of the Chantry’s history and knowledge into the All Mind.

  3. The Verbena have been concerned about a prophecy. There is no record of what it is though.
Your helpful friends. The Custos.
Custos come in three varieties. There are:
Acolytes : un-awakened people who have some special quality such as strong will, insatiable curiosity, amazing skills etc. They make excellent advisers, guards, and assistants.
Consors : comparable in power to a mage, but relying on their own unique powers rather than True Magic. They serve as companions, friends, and sometimes partners.
Familiars : almost all the powerful magi in the chantry possessed familiars. These are usually beings from the Umbra. Often they must consume Magic (Quintessence) to live. Their powers allow them to often consider themselves equal or even better than some Magi.