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Olympos -The Myth

First there was Chaos, an endless nothing that contained everything, that could not be perceived as a shape or form. From Chaos came the five Primordials, powerful precursors of creation. These Primordials embodied into entities, with names and personalities.
  • First came 'Ndriananahary, whose name means literally "Life~comes~from~me". 'Ndrian became the first watcher and recorder of all that was to follow.
  • Next was Gaia, She is the mother of all life on earth.
  • After her was Eros, the hermaphrodite god of love, sexuality, jealousy and deceit.
  • Imagination, dreaming and hope, came forward from the chaos bearing the name Arcadia.
  • Last was the wild card. Uranyx, was the only one to capture the most important aspect of Chaos, change. He was the only one with the ability to become more than what he was at the point of first existence. He was the only one who could gain more power and the only one who could lose it.
The primordials went about their self appointed tasks. Gaia created her moulds of clay, lifeless and immobile. Uranyx created as well, only to watch his creations morph themselves into nothing before they ever existed. Eros submerged his/herself in a solitary ecstasy of pleasurable self exploration. While Arcadia quested into the endless void to uncover something from nothing. All the time 'Ndrian faithfully recorded the events of history in the heavens, though it seemed to be an endless repeating history of a stagnate existence.
It was 'Ndrian who called a gathering of all the primordials. It was 'Ndrian who proposed the solution to their boredom. Under the supervision of Eros, Gaia and Uranyx would have sex: to produce progeny. The unification of Gaia and the being of Change would provide creation. It would need to be recorded, being dynamic and without a preset future. Arcadia would then provide the progeny with the tools of ambition and imagination so they could utilise their gift of transformation. Eros, jealous of the others roles in this process, refused to participate unless the descendants of Gaia and Uranyx would ever after represent his/her image.
Eros blessed the procreation of Uranyx and Gaia. Humanity was spawned from their union. They were now Gods who walked amongst the mortals. 'Ndrian inscribed the history of their birth in the heavens, creating the constellations. 'Ndrian would record the histories which had only just begun. Arcadia would teach the humans to dream until the end of time. Gaia and Uranyx were parents, and so they too had no more time for poor Eros. Eros could not be happy. His/her part was done and he felt useless and cast off. He/she whispered words into Uranyx´s ear words of love, of remembrance of that one magical experience he shared with Gaia. Eros then turned unto Gaia and told her what marvellous dedication Arcadia had for her children how handsome his noble profile. Jealousy was spread, and Eros was happy with its revenge.
Arcadia was the first to stray into temptation. As devious as Eros was, she/he was still the primordial spirit of love - and so what Arcadia and Gaia felt for each other was true. They chose to be together. The air trembled. As they coupled the earth was forged (and yes it moved). In the stillness afterwards, Eros was seen leaving the mark of jealousy upon Uranyx.
A soft glow surrounded the earth as Gaia delivered her second chorus of children. Arcadia smiled as he held Gaia. Looking down upon them he named his children. And thus were born the gods of earth. Secretly Eros stole forward closer to the happenings. Then darkness of Heavenly night engulfed humanity. Uranyx stripped the power from his children leaving them vulnerable and mortal. Channelling the power within himself he focused it into change and destruction and brought it down upon Arcadia and Gaia.
The effects of this were devastating. The void surrounding chaos cracked and exploded. Creation was formed, the Ancients were altered. Gaia gathered her children to her breast to protect them. Humanity and the gods were unharmed by the initial blast. Arcadia, thinking selflessly of Gaia, attempted to shield her from the destruction. Gaia, caught by the back blast, was thrown into the newly created earth and held confined within. Arcadia, caught by the full force of the blast, was transformed into a different state of existence, remaining as only a shadow of earth. As Gaia and Arcadia were cast into their prisons, they reached out their hands for one final time to touch one another and created a gate in between Arcadia and Earth.
The explosion ripped Eros asunder, to split three ways. Emerging from the aftermath came three new beings; Yahweh the male figure, Othiym the female figure, and Aphrodite the embodiment of love. To continue to reflect this as such was the nature of their creation, humanity split into male and female segments.
Uranyx did not escape unharmed. The force of the explosion rebounded upon him and he was almost torn apart. He was placed into a state of torpor and remained so when 'Ndrian, Yahweh and Othiym found him.
A council was called of all survivors, by the consort of the self proclaimed king of the gods Zeus. His consort Hera organised the council and gathered bit by bit the entire membership. Zeus, happily, sat back and watched, he was fine about it all so long as he got to sit on the throne in the end. This was the first Grand Council of the Gods. Zeus presided over them all with Hera to his right prompting his every move. They decided what must be done. Importantly, Uranyx needed to be sentenced for the destruction he had caused. As he was incapacitated by his injuries there was no one to speak for him, in defence. The decision was final, he was to be destroyed for his crimes. The only way they new to destroy him was to cast him back into Chaos where he was born.
The council was temporarily adjourned. They slowly carried Uranyx´ inert body across the heaven; Othiym and Yahweh at the head of the procession. The faces of all who were part of the parade were grim and stony as they carried out their duty. Only 'Ndrian wept as he personally cast Uranyx into the chasm. Once the council reconvened they all reached a conclusion; The gods would have to look after their weaker siblings the humans as now that Uranyx had stripped them of all power, they were defenceless.
The gods took their consigned wards and lead them so that they spread across earth globe. Life sprung from Gaia´s rocky form with the energy that Gaia exuded from within her prison. Slowly the centuries passed, with humankind remaining powerless and impotent. They became pawns in the gods power games with one another. 'Ndrian, watching from the heavens, began to grow dissatisfied with how the humans were treated by the gods. He crafted a form made from himself, and embodying it with part of his own essence, he sent it down to earth to investigate the situation down there. Othiym had lain in wait for her chance since the Grand Council. She captured 'Ndrian´s Avatar/Son Atoa. She transformed him into a gift. Presenting it in the form of a Seed, she gave it to Gaia on the condition that Gaia would help her become the sole ruler of the gods. Gaia agreed, ignorant of where the gift had really come from.
'Ndrian, worried that his son had not returned, and took selected humans into his heavenly home. Wisely he had stripped Uranyx of his power before casting him into Chaos, and so 'Ndrian was able to bestow the gift of Mage-Avatar power upon his chosen mortals - creating the first mages. The mages he sent back to earth with a new creation of his own, the werewolves now known as the silent striders. He gave mages and the silent striders the task of finding his son.
Uranyx meanwhile had been cast into chaos, it turbulent forces bringing him out of his torporic state. He felt the pain begin as his form was slowly tearing apart. Then as he looked down at his tortured form the pain stopped. The swirling maelstrom of Chaos faded into the background. A voice spoke into his head.
"Look at what you have become my son. Look back upon your past sins, understand what you have done. I have brought you back from your destruction and replenished your power. Will you seek atonement for your sins my son?"
Uranyx´s existence rewound before his eyes and he made up his mind. Uranyx declared that he would do all he was able and more to seek justice for those he had harmed.
"Rise then my son, you are no longer injured or Uranyx even. Arise now and return for you are The Prometheus."
Gaia and Aracadia
Gaia and Arcadia used the power within the Seed to send complete sensory messages through the gate to one another. All through the mythic age they continued to do this, until suddenly the gateway to Arcadia was severed at the end of the mythic age, and much of their power was trapped in between worlds in an Astral state of existence. Being such complex Messages, they were corrupted by the archetypes, layered within the universe, and after a few years they manifested into entities and so began the endless and the gaia spirits. The severance of the gateway happened as the fact that it was so frequently in use by gods and humanity it took on a spirit of it´s own. As the mythic age slowly gave way to the scientific age, the Gate decided that it must close to prevent banality from leaking through into Arcadia. The gate was then sundered Seven times and the seven unicorns that were what became of the gate spread themselves across the globe.
Baphomet and Erebus
Othiym open a hole in space and travelled into the realms of Erebus, a world far removed from Earth containing horrors of alien beauty. Othyim brought back from there a creature called Baphomet. Which she sent hunting after Yahweh. However the gateway which she opened across space couldn´t be properly sealed and allowed humanity´s negative emotions (dark glamour) to seep through into Erebus. As the centuries moved by the nightmares being created in Erebus slowly began to form together into an entity. Erebus became sentinent, he was the antithesis of Arcadia. Erebus the one of Dark Dream.
With Gaia´s help Othiym had no problem assuming the throne of the gods. She soon found that the entire human race was willing to fall at her feet. However, Yahweh was to wily to fall victim to the clumsy hunting attempts of the Baphomet. While Baphomet lay fast asleep beneath the Earth, hiding from the sun, Yahweh crept slowly up on him. Using his the power of the elements Yahweh tore Baphomet assunder. Creating the nightbreed with the many fragments of Baphomet that were scattered around the haven.
Using the newly created monsters as indications of the evil of Oythim, Yahweh slowly gathered allies among the gods. The gods he gathered were mainly the ones who were already embittered at the loss of their followers.
Forging an alliance of all the gods who felt threatened by Othiym´s militant tactics Yahweh and his allies created a huge flood that shifted the power balance dramatically away from Othiym. No sooner had Othiym lost her power than the gods, like children, began to squabble and wage war upon one another. Yahweh seeing this, began to spread theories of paranoia about the return of Othiym to power.
On this premise the Second Grand Council was called. There, Yahweh proposed the guardianship of the world be given over to him for two thousand years to set up a hatred of Othiym among the humans. After this period, where he would rule over the earth, it would be split equally among the gods and all would rule as brothers. His proposal was excepted almost unanimously. Particularly since hardly anyone but his allies turned up at the second Grand Council.
Prometheus returned to earth. He spent time over many of the centuries travelling between earth and Olympos bringing word of the gods doings to the mortals. He knew the terrible wrongs he had done all of terrestrial creation and constantly sought to set the balance to rights. He strongly fought against the gods decisions that he felt were unjust to the mortals. To achieve his ends he frequently used his cunning to outwit the self-absorbed gods. Finally though his luck expired. Zeus caught him, and sentenced him to an eternity of being chained to a mountain and constantly devoured by giant eagles while his body regrew. Powers from the Chaos from which we are all born, once again appeared to save the life of Uranyx/Prometheus. Causing a link to be created between his avatar and Chaos, they gave him the power to undo any act of the gods, unfortunately this power could take several millenia to manifest. Too late to appear in the Grand Councicl meeting that decided whether or not Yahweh would achieve dominace he consigned himself to earth where he took it as his duty to watch over the working of Yahweh.
During the heaviest periods of the crusades, Prometheus realised that Yahweh, was never going to be fair and kind to mankind, he went back to Olympos. Here within the great halls he held a secret meeting with Zeus. Zeus after weeks of discuission agreed to go with Prometheus to examine what Yahweh´s rule had done to Earth. Zeus was horrified at the desolation Yahweh had wrought, and contacted the other gods and told them of the fate of Earth. The sudden influx of divine attention upon the world brought about the renaissance.
Erebus had become a immensely powerful force on this side of the gate, as he had all the dark energy of the inquisition and plague to feed off. It realised that the renaissance would bring about a reoccurence of the mythic age and probably cause the rejoining of the gateway to Arcadia. This would ultimately destroy the stranglehold he was gaining on the dreaming of mortals. Determined to survive, Erebus manifested within a segment of humanity and used it to kill Zeus. Knowing that as he was not sufficently powerful enough to stand up to a god he framed Prometheus and should anyone prove Prometheus´ innocence, Loki created evidence linking to him being hired by Yahweh. Erebus used his increasing power attempting to track down all seven of the unicorns and destroy them.
During the explosion created by Uranyx, a large portion of the blast was concentrated into Chaos. The Power became dormant inside the chasm, and gradually over eons Entropy pervaded into it like a virus. However, because of the morphing nature of Uranyx´s power It became a force of ending not decay. Gradually the power inside the Chaos chasm began to multiply until its force of conclusion was powerful enough to end it´s entrapment in Chaos. As She emerged from chaos, slowly her awareness grew. As she developed, her desire to negate change grew stronger, her apathy declined as she began to work actively against creation and those who brought it about.
Yahweh and Othiym have been at each others throat since their great dividing, and the dominance of power has swung back and forward between them too many times to count. Yahweh currently holds the upper hand, but for the last two thousand years Othiym has been working subtly to bring about the destruction of Yahweh. She had manifested her avatar into a separate form called the Python. Unfortunately, the avatar was murdered by Apollo the Olympian. Yahweh has sent his Archangels to uncover where Othiym is hiding and destroy her, but they have had little success so far.