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The Orphic Tower

There is a large, monolithic tower in Sydney that nobody ever notices. Like the Purloined Letter, it is hidden in plain sight. It is the Orphic Tower.
Rising high above most buildings in the Newtown - St Peter's area, the Tower is constructed of a hard, dark stone. It is an unusual building, in that it has no obvious purpose, no way of getting in, and nobody knows who owns the site.
It is rumoured that a secret cabal of sorcerors named The Orphic Circle had some influence over the site at some point, but they were reported destroyed by the Arcanum in early 1996. Very few people can be found who know anything about who these people were.
For now, the Orphic Tower still stands. No windows allow passersby to look in, and the only signs of ornamentation are a few lone gargoyles, many metres up in the air.