Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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The Freehold of the Court of Regulus

Nearby the Caern of the Sept of the Stars is the Freehold of the Court of Regulus. To mortal eyes it is a small meeting hall that is occasionally hired out to interested parties. Outside the hall is a paved patio area, which is surrounded by beds of flowers and ivy. The interior of the hall itself is kept locked up; however, few people ever wonder that this hall seems to be never used, or even notice that it is there.
To faerie eyes, however, the freehold is much grander. Rather than a meeting hall, faeries see a crystalline structure, surrounded by clinging vines and colourful flowers that appear to sway even on a still day, suffusing the air with their otherworldly perfume. The silvered gates to the freehold lock themselves to those not of the Dreaming, but any of Fae blood may push them open with but a touch.
The interior is a spacious throne room, with a hearth on one wall burning with blue Balefire. The podium where the Speaking Throne of the Fae once stood is bare; a few marks mar the grey marble, possibly the claws of some great beast.