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The Technocracy

The Technocracy within the world of Clandestyne is not as it is within the World of Darkness. For a start, it is not an organised front. Many still believe that the Technocracy is some united and secretive order seeking to wipe out the Nine Traditions. This is not strictly true, however. There are four primary factions within the Technocratic ´movement´, none of whom necessarily get along or even know of the others existence.
The New World Order
This is an organisation of former intelligence agents, scientists and corporate executives who seek to wipe out the other Traditions and establish themselves as world rulers. What the majority of the organisation does not realise is that the NWO is lead and controlled by a group of 12 little beings, looking like the classic Gray E.T. Whilst these 12 Grays tell their servants that they are aliens on Earth to guide Mankind into a new era, they are actually beings displaced from another dominion seeking to control this one for themselves.
The Cognitive Engineers
These Mages believe that circuitry develops sentience. The sentience of any individual electronic device is negligible, but if these circuits are connected (as in a computer network) then the sentience develops across the network as one mind. This is called the Great Mind, and the Cognitive Engineers want to connect as many devices as possible. They also want to implant circuitry into people brains so that they may plug into and share the Great Mind. The general view is to create a huge super intelligent being that will be a God to the troubled human race. A small faction, however, wants to subsume everyone into one collective All Mind.
The Realists
The realists are a group of scientists working to give the Universe a stable and understandable basis. They believe that the creation of, and belief in, a universal theory will make it true. This means that they must devise a possible working model of the Universe, and then get it accepted. They know the Universe has little order of its own, and that to make it a better place for everyone reality must be established on a consensual basis. They continue to work on creating a model that actually works and that people can believe. Generally they are a benign group, but not everyone likes the fact that they would deny them of reality-bending magick.
The Nephandi
The Nephandi are servants of alien creatures which live far away in the Deep Umbra. These creatures are incredibly old and have advanced technology. They corrupt Earthly mages to be their servants. The Nephandi´s masters seek to alter the reality and time of Earth to accommodate their own needs so that they may enslave the entire Earth.
The Existence of Technology in the World
Technology must exist for a reason. In a world with powerful magical societies, why should the current technologies have evolved? Magic can do most of the things that technology and science can do, and it has been able to do so for quite some time. If there have been no powerful organisations trying to promote a scientific and technological world, then how could it have come into being?
Firstly, ever since the earliest days of humanity, there has been technology of a primitive kind. This was represented by humanity´s use of tools, language, weapons and fire to change the world to better suit it. Some legends state that the immortal being Prometheus first introduced technology to humans with the gift of fire. There was probably magic at the time which could have done as well as this simple technology, but the nature of those who practice magic is the greatest reason for the lack of it today.
Technology is, in essence, the application of the scientific viewpoint, whereas magic stems from one´s state of being and deeper understanding of how the self relates to the universe. These points of view are not irreconcilable; the existence of hedge magic, where magical effects can be produced by following rotes and procedures, is a clear example of this. However, they are very different.
The scientific viewpoint allows cause and effect to be linked; thus, if one can bring about the cause, one can reproduce the effect. This has been of tremendous benefit to humanity, as those who had understanding of the world and how to influence it could give tools to those who didn´t - do X, and you´ll get Y. It isn´t necessary to know how or why it happens, just that it does.