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The Van de Graf Cabal

Nicholas Van de Graf is a famous industrialist in the world of Clandestyne. He is an American success story: a man with an ambition, who built up the multinational Van de Graf Foundation and the American New England Corporation from nothing more than an ambition and a dream. In an age where monolithic corporations and governments control much of the world´s finance, Nicholas Van de Graf is the common man´s millionaire; a man who has gained his influence through hard work and dedication.
That´s what the media says about Van de Graf, anyway.
Of course, the media can´t be expected to know the entire truth. The fact that both Nicholas and his wife Amelia are undead vampires, for example, who are perfectly happy to uses their unearthly influence and commanding gaze to manipulate mortal affairs to their own purposes. Between them, the Van de Grafs control vast resources, and have many allies of a supernatural nature. Together, these individuals form the Van de Graf Cabal, a potent force of darkness that has just started to exert its influence in Australia. The Van de Graf Cabal is one of the few forces that might equal the power of the rumoured Orphic Circle or the Giovanni Family; whilst these control more powerful magic´s, Van de Graf knows people. He has connections in the American Mafia, world-wide finance, and the Internet, as well as vampiric society. The Van de Graf Cabal has not yet flexed its muscles fully yet, but time will tell how much of a threat the Van de Graf Cabal can be.