Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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8.1 - Intervention: First Contact
Two Session Special Edition

"The ancient ones will make for themselves an empire of blood . . . And there will be a reign of one thousand years, and there will be no love, or life, or pity"

Scroll fragment, found in Mesopotamia

In this dark of winter
A new hope has arrived.

From the netherworld below
Ancient evil arises once more.

But from beyond the stars
The silent watchers make their move . . .

"For 60,000 years the five coadunate races of the Galactic Milieu have watched and waited for the time when human mental development on Earth is ready for the Intervention."

Pi airo dan
Grandmaster Farsensor Psychocreator Redactor

Who will emerge victorious?
What shall we do?

Is this truly our last, best hope?
Or is it the final destruction of us all . . .

This will be Clandestyne 8.1

A two session freeform for an unlimited number of players. Using a modified Storyteller System. You do not need to have played a Clandestyne game before. Previous players can play their campaign characters. All are welcome to participate. Costume is not compulsory, but encouraged.

13th December 1997
Macquarie University

Please note that this freeform will run sessions 7 and 8 only (Saturday night).

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