Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - The Land is in Shadow

The Orphic Circle held elections to decide who would replace Zacharias' position on the Ebon Bench . However, the spectre of Zacharias appeared and implicated Zufrea as a murderer; the necromancer Giulietta Giovanni, though feared, was elected leader with no real competition. The secrecy of the Circle was severely jeopardised by insane vampires and wandering Garou.
The rebuilding of the Tower was the focus of much of the mages' efforts; firstly attempting to re-align their Node. Morgana instructed Mirov Balthazar to make visitors sign a visitors book which was in fact a tome of the Orphic Circle, thus visitors were signing their souls away. Disturbingly, a toxic green cloud of vapour started to seep out of the Chantry, after the Custos began opening doors to explore. The vapour was eventually contained by a concerted effort; it was believed to be related to the Shadow.
The Garou of the Sept of Stars organised themselves. Visited by two totem spirits, Chimera and Lion, the majority chose the Lion spirit as their pack totem. A leader was also elected - Northwest Smith. The Garou performed the Rite of Caern Opening, and the Node, a focus of magical essence shifted from the Tower to the Garou caern.
The Shadow made its presence known again, although not on such a catastrophic scale. The mad time traveller Jonathan Ripple seemed to draw it to those around him, and was quickly ostracised.
The faerie Court of Regulus was in uproar. Countess Cassia Incantrix was being challenged by Davel and Nimue Clandestyne for leadership. At some point Davel left without a trace, apparently sick of Nimue; Cassia eventually went into a self-exile of sorts; it was rumoured that the two had joined forces and left to fight another day. Nimue took the mantle of leadership, and quickly made her style of rule known.