Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - The Principality

The strange vampire Sean Calahan had declared himself Prince of the Undead in Sydney; however, now it was contested as the Nightbreed Chant began jockeying for political power. In the end two Princes were declared, each with separate supporters. Many of those who had recently come to the city began to acquire commercial, underworld, and government influence according to their particular interest, such as the Van der Graf Cabal. The Giovanni began to make their presence known; unfortunately for them, many were unhappy about this, and acted in opposition.
The Orphic Circle attempted to preserve their secrecy through their puppet organisation, the Arcanum. The Arcanum's Chancellor had been killed in a mysterious explosion, and so a new Chancellor was chosen: Danielle Marssen. An induction of new Journeymen was held; however, this was interrupted by an attack by the Shadow, which would have killed half of those in attendance were it not for the quick thinking of the Nightbreed Shimoda, who saved their lives by giving them some of his potent blood. The Arcanum also spread the news that the Orphic Circle had been "destroyed" by an Arcanum insider, so as to preserve the integrity of the Circle. It was voted to secede from international Arcanum.
The Dracul Brask had been hunting a mortal girl by the name of Zoe Piers, who had exhibited potent psychic potential. For some inexplicable reason, Brask became psychically Bound by the blood of this girl, who was under the protection of Rev Ashbury Redman - secretly a worshipper of Baphomet the Divided God. Brask tried to act against the girl, but too many people were interested in Zoe, and he ended up grievously hurt. Zoe was enchanted by Nimue Clandestyne, thrown into a limo by Calahan to get away from Brask, taken to Pentex testing laboratories, and finally inducted into the Arcanum. The Bond was broken by the constant mystical manipulation.
The Shadow had consumed the spirit of a young woman, and nearly destroyed a wraith named Wisp. One of the dead attacked Rev Redman, teleporting him hundreds of metres into the air. Redman called upon Baphomet in extremis, and his faith was rewarded, as the Black Hand of Baphomet, previously in the possession of Giulietta Giovanni, magically brought him to safety.