Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - Blood Sports

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Chun Dao Shen held one of his games of gladiatorial combat, inviting only supernatural beings to participate for an added thrill. The Daughters of Kali cult were in attendance, supposedly as referees, but in reality they had their own agendas and spent much time seeking converts to the Goddess cult. The Orphic Circle were rather conspicuously present, and found new members rather easily, as an alternative to the mistrusted Kali cultists. During the last round of combat, between the Garou knight Daffyd ap Hywell and the risen Amara Marionaire, Chun Dao Shen was attacked in the Umbra by an enraged werewolf, who called all the Garou to his aid. Daffyd was forced to concede the battle, and Amara won the bloodsports by default. Chun Dao Shen escaped, but left evidence of his own death behind. The prizes were awarded regardless, including Brightsky's supposedly mindless body, and the box which was thought to hold the Shadow, which Amara took possession of and promised never to open. However, the ritual designed to control the Shadow was lost or stolen.
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