Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - The Ascension

The Orphic Circle continued their machinations, and they returned the wraith Amara to her body. Sean Calahan attempted to have the Circle destroy Van der Graf (who received a warning and escaped). A new leader was elected to replace Giulietta Giovanni; Oenone received the most support. However, when she contacted the Ebon Bench to join them, she learned that Jules was not destroyed as suspected. She did not tell anybody, but acted as leader of the Orphic Circle, regardless.
The Box was opened after much effort and argument, and Dream was freed. The Endless Dream gave to Larissa James-Newton and Cu Sidhe a boon for their help. The Fae regained their power and continued the politicking between Nimue, Cassia, and Davel. The throne of the court was reformed. However, the Box played havoc with those in attendance before falling into the hands of Chun Dao Shen. Tabitha, was attacked and nearly destroyed by furious Garou led by Dolphella Grizz. The Garou went on to re-open the Caern; Brightsky's treachery was exposed.
A minor godess from the Jade Empire, Harmony, came into the possession of the Justicars' Sword of Apollonius Michaels. She announced to the Court of the Vampires that she felt compelled to take on the role of the Justicar, as the previous holder of the Sword was no more.
The weakening of the Shroud caused by the raising of Amara attracted the attention of the Scourge (falsely mistaken for the Shadow), which gravitated towards a centre of corruption - Chun Dao Shen. Although battled by Chun, Oenone Megaera, and Danielle Marssen, the entity was gaining the upper hand, until the Box was opened by Chun Dao Shen, and the entity apparently trapped within. The Shroud then regenerated.
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