Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - The War of Dominion

Farlander discovered the existence of worlds beyond this one through a dimension-hopping gypsy named Gentle, and tried to bring this news to the Arcanum; however, the majority were panicked about a threatening letter (apparently from the Grand Chancellor) concerning the secession. Farlander was asked to leave, and so he did. The rest of the Arcanum were subsequently poisoned by Chun Dao Shen, and deteriorated rapidly in condition. Whilst being hospitalised, they left the Chapter House empty, and Chun entered, stole journals and sorcerous texts, and then burnt the House to the ground.
At the Garou Caern, the Lion totem appeared, sending the Sept out to find kinfolk. However, the Faeries also took part, and quickly turned the hunt into a search for the "Chosen One", who they believed to be a powerful Fae about to be awakened. At this time, the werewolf Brightsky, who was in actuality a mage of the Orphic Circle, drained the Caern of magical power with the assistance of Morgana and others. The Lion spirit was repelled from the Caern. The Custos of the Tower, led by Kangi Tokala, tried to interfere in the search, and a brief skirmish erupted between the mages and the Garou. The Garou and the Fae attempted to storm the Tower of Agena in their fury at the rape of the caern.
Shimoda performed the Ritual of the Blooded Eye, and gained mystic awareness of the bonds of blood connected to him. He felt the taint of the Dracul spreading through the mortal population; he also discovered that the mad writer Daniel Bee had captured the Black Hand, and was being controlled by an evil fragment of a mummy's soul.
Giulietta Giovanni faked her own destruction by the Shadow with Morgana's assistance; Danielle Marssen was brainwashed into believing this by Morgana, and informed the Orphic Circle.
Chun Dao Shen read the journal of Farlander and discovered the existence of the Dominions. He joined forces with the Sleepwalker Tabitha, who had stolen an artefact called the Eye of Celestine. Using this as a focus, the two travelled in astral form to the Second Dominion. At the same time, the Garou theurge Grizz had a vision of Gaia's sister goddess, Celestine, and her desecration in another Dominion.