Clandestyne: A Storyteller Freeform Campaign
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Y1 - The Dreaming Court

The Faeries and the Garou gathered for Imbolc festival and the lighting of the Balefire. However, they were in dire straits:- the Lion totems connection had been tremendously weakened; Chimera returned to gain support; and the patron of the Kithain, the Endless known as Dream, had disappeared. The power of the Kithain Fae began to wane; the search for Dream became vital. Copernicus, with assistance, entered the deadlands and discovered a null-magic box by the river Styx, and returned it to the world. It was suspected that Dream was somehow entrapped within the box. The festival continued apace, with dancing, storytelling and duelling contests. The lighting of the Balefire was attempted, but met with failure. The Grizz had another vision of Celestine; this time, she saw and recognised Chun Dao Shen and Tabitha as well.
The Duchess Nimue was protected from the loss of Glamour by a mystical shield created by Faust, Michael Campbell, et al, but was continually harassed by the wraiths and the Dark Fae. She was also challenged in leadership by Alendor Firemessage and Gwyneth Charmtree, whose love protected them from the loss of Dream. At the end of the festival, her old rival Cassia returned and attempted to regain control; Brightsky also revealed himself as the Chosen One, and demanded to be obeyed. The Caern was still drained, and Dream still imprisoned, and the Court of Regulus almost shattered.
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